We are here with a welcoming smile just for you.

Our drop-in service for newcomers to Glasgow is inclusive, welcoming, and based on a respectful and equal atmosphere. This service runs 2 days in a week and all new comers are welcome, weather you are an asylum seeker, a refugee, or an international student, as long as you are new to Glasgow, you are welcome to this service.  It is a friendly space to meet new people, have some social interaction, access the internet, and take part in a range of other activities.
Come in for a cup of tea and soup, and help yourself to our FOOD BANK on your way home.
This service aims at helping newcomers to Glasgow integrate with less hassles, boost their self-confidence and self-esteem to face the new challenges, as well as reduce social isolation.  
We help with filling forms, signposting, informal translation, and referrals to other useful services for benefit advice, and destitution support.
We also offer volunteering opportunities for newcomers.

Refugees and Asylum seekers are welcomed here.

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